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Good-bye to the 1980’s

Good-bye to the 1980’s

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The 5-Step Method for Tracking a Bad Contractor

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Get the Greatest Benefit from Your Programmable Thermostat

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How to Make It Through a Remodeling Project Without Going Crazy

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Putting Your Home to Good Use–Rooms you want to live in.

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Penny, Penny, So Distinct

Penny, Penny, So Distinct

This is one of the most interesting and exciting projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on, because the client, Penny, has a very distinctive style and is open to fun design ideas. At the same time, she has a very strong sense of what she does and does not ...

Peachtree Corners Kitchen | Family Friendly

Peachtree Corners Kitchen | Family Friendly

This kitchen was in need of some good ole updating. The space was great to work with because it had good bones–the space already had a nice and open layout, so only a few things needed to be reconfigured....

Graystone Gets a Major Makeover

We at Graystone are so excited to announce the launch of our new brand and website! As of January 7, 2011 we went live with what represents a year of hard work leading up to this day.

Our Marketing Manager, Rebekah Quintana, had her ideal web designer in mind for over ...


Kitchen Zen | The Merrill Story

How do you take a kitchen the client described as “claustrophobic and dreary”, and transform it into the Zen and open space the client desired? After looking at the space and getting to know the client’s personality, we knew we needed to make changes that would have the most ...

The Benefits of an Energy Star Home (Part 1)

Everyone is interested in having quality materials and appliances in their house. We recommend ENERGY STAR  products because they allow homes to perform better. This is the first of 3 part series dealing with the benefits of services such as 1) HVAC quality installation and maintenance, 2) air sealing, duct ...

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