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Good-bye to the 1980’s

Good-bye to the 1980’s

This whole house renovation was something we had a lot of fun with. When we first walked through the house, the soundtrack to Miami Vice kept running through our minds. The pink and gray, early eighties décor was …

The 5-Step Method for Tracking a Bad Contractor

There is no magic trick to select a good contractor; however, here is an effective 5-step tracking system to avoid the bad ones, the ones who can really mess up your life by ruining your remodeling project.

The system consists of asking yourself 5 questions as you contact several contractors and …

Get the Greatest Benefit from Your Programmable Thermostat

Part 2 of 3 in the ENERGY STAR series.

Install your thermostat away from heating or cooling registers, appliances, lighting, doorways, fireplaces, skylights and windows, and areas that receive direct sunlight or drafts. Interior walls are best.
Keep the thermostat set at energy-saving temperatures for long periods of time, such as during …

How to Make It Through a Remodeling Project Without Going Crazy

Any remodeling project causes interruption in a household’s daily routine, but a project to the main areas of your home–especially kitchens or bathrooms–can feel like chaos. Once cabinets are ripped out, walls removed, and wiring is exposed, suddenly you are wondering why you decided to put yourself through such a …

Putting Your Home to Good Use–Rooms you want to live in.

With Old Man Winter definitely here to stay awhile, you may be more inclined to stay indoors. What better time of year than winter to get organized. Do you have an unused room that could be put to better use? An empty bedroom left behind by a family member, a …

Penny, Penny, So Distinct

Penny, Penny, So Distinct

This is one of the most interesting and exciting projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on, because the client, Penny, has a very distinctive style and is open to fun design ideas. At the same time, she has a very strong sense of what she does and does not …

Peachtree Corners Kitchen | Family Friendly

Peachtree Corners Kitchen | Family Friendly

This kitchen was in need of some good ole updating. The space was great to work with because it had good bones–the space already had a nice and open layout, so only a few things needed to be reconfigured….