About Us

“Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.” –Henri Bergson

We’ve been growing client relationships since 1997. The company has made many changes during that time but, most important, we’ve learned so much about you – like how you appreciate innovation, artfulness and good design and how we all value honesty and keen insight. Although you enjoy the clever designs and fine craftsmanship of our service, you come to us for more than that. You come to us to create spaces that allow you to spend time with those more important things in your life, like family and friends. Complex as you are, you remain our inspiration and because of this, we endeavor to bring you a wonderful renovation experience.

Our Client Philosophy

We view you as more than another person that is purchasing something from us, you are a distinct individual – our client with whom we are creating a connection. We recognize that you are looking to us to care for a very important decision in your life. Your home is more than where you live, it’s where you build your life and we respect that dearly. So whether it’s a bathroom remodel or an entire house renovation, we view it as an honor that you entrust us to be involved in the ongoing process of bettering your life.

Our Project Philosophy

We are always eager to find ways to make a project work. We never say “no you can’t do that,” we say “all things are possible, it may just need to be cost-engineered to fit the budget.” We also believe that the customer is always right, but we’re here to make sure that you are more right through educated design choices and guiding through the remodeling process. We have no limitation in what we offer, we want to give you everything you can possibly get within your budget and without sacrificing quality design and workmanship. When we leave we want it to look like we were never there – simply put, our goal is to blend our work seamlessly in it’s surroundings while providing a noticeable update.

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