Our People

Creatives & Craftsman

Through collaboration and interchange, we put a lot of forethought into each one of our job assignments. Despite our varied backgrounds and viewpoints, we are bonded by a shared love for people and a desire to always improve our methods. You can get to know us a little bit here; and we look forward to getting to know you.

Danny Quintana

Project Planning & Development

Mobile: 404.787.8039
Email: danny@graystone-inc.com

As a young boy growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Danny Quintana was always building and inventing in his backyard–from a hovercraft to a local legendary skateboard half-pipe. Later he became a Journeyman and then Lead Carpenter for a local contractor. This experience and the desire to build a business that offered more than your average contractor led up to becoming state board certified as a Residential and Light Commercial Contractor, and EPA certified Lead Safe Renovator for his company, Graystone, Inc. “My goal is to constantly adapt to, and follow through on the needs of my clients. I love to see it when our client is excited and inspired by our ideas. I don’t want to let my client down and I’m building my company to reflect that aspect of my personality.” He now sits at the helm as the go-to man on all things construction, lead inspiration, Project Planner & Developer and President. In his private life he’s a family man, pursuing all things active and outdoors including mountain biking and running.

Rebekah Quintana

Business & Marketing Director

Telephone: 404.787.6419
Email: rebekah@graystone-inc.com

When her career started, Rebekah Quintana enjoyed working under the big boys of the business world as an Executive Assistant, but somehow she always was handed the creative “stuff” to figure out. Through all those newsletter layouts and trade show exhibit designs, she found her true calling…Marketing. In the meantime, her husband’s company was growing and needed her help. So after receiving her Masters Certificate in Marketing + Graphic Design she went to work full time for Graystone. Now days her duties for Graystone are a blend of her original business roots that tap into her left-brain management skills and her right-brain artistic side keeps things looking pretty. Her behind the scenes direction and intuitive nature are the perfect framework for keeping the rest of the bunch running at their maximum in the construction world.