Our Approach

Design | Build

We want your finished product to be a reflection of who you are and how you live, and for you to be excited about your new space. We not only want the project to be structurally sound, we want it to blend in flawlessly with its surroundings. We strive to design it so well up front that we can execute the build out in a way that minimizes any surprises.

Design Phase

The dynamic of being a designer and builder lends itself to a much smoother construction process. No matter the scope of your project, before we begin, we’ve closely analyzed the onsite conditions to allow us to plan better and anticipate any potential obstacles. Here’s how our design build process works:


Communication is critical in our consultation process. We’re so committed to making sure your ideas are heard and understood that we have a comprehensive method of walking through the consultation process, thus ensuring that what's designed is exactly what's built and not misinterpreted through the typical construction pipeline. We take measurements and pictures to get an accurate feel of your project, but since this is a collaborative process, we also discuss what inspires you, what’s important to you about your project and what your expectations are when working with us in your home. This helps us define your project scope and clearly represent those requirements in the Design and Project Budget.

Design Contract

From the information we receive at the Consultation, we present a Design Contract to begin the design process. After the Design Contract is signed, our Lead Designer then develops a design for your project based on the ideas discussed. This is a floor plan and three-dimensional rendering, showing measurements, new layout and overall view of the space. If there are engineering or interior design needs to be addressed, these services will be provided during this phase.

Project Budget

From your design, we create a line item breakdown of materials and labor. This budget is unique to Graystone–we show everything in the line items for each section of work so that you can see where your dollars are allocated. This detailed budget allows you to make budget trade off decisions before construction begins. We present the design options and project budget to you for your review before moving on into the next phase.

Contract Phase

Once a Design Contract is signed and the Project Budget is agreed to, we generate a Proposal & Contract Agreement that details the scope of work, pricing and general provisions.

Project & Payment Schedule

Upon acceptance of the Proposal & Contract Agreement, a Project and Payment Schedule will be presented which outlines the following:

  • Pre-construction lead-time needed for material ordering, and permitting (if applicable).
  • Timeline of Project including the start date, duration, and projected completion date.
  • Payments are listed within the Project Schedule, detailing the Deposit amount and Progress Payments (or “draws”) with their corresponding request dates. Prior to each Progress Payment due, we will send a Payment Request that will show the current Progress Payment amount being requested and the breakdown of the project cost to date.

The Project and Payment Schedules may be adjusted as needed during the project due to schedule changes or Change Orders.

Build Phase

Project Management

We begin with ordering any start-up materials needed, obtain any required permit, organize associate tradesmen and in-house crews. Once we’re inline to begin work, we’ll complete a walk-through to go over any last minutes details, and lay down temporary protection. Then the Graystone magic begins. We begin work under the direction of our Field Project Manager. In-house, the schedule, materials and crews will be continually monitored and updated as needed. Design management is always ongoing as changes occur.

Ongoing Communication

Any changes that arise during the job process will be discussed in full with you. A Change Order outlining the description of the changes will be presented and reviewed with you before any new work is completed. Upon agreeing to the proposed change(s), an approved Change Order will be added to modify the Contract Agreement price.

Near the closeout of a project, we will send you a punch out list where you can note your concerns to be addressed. Once this list is complete, signed off and final payment received, our Warranty will be issued.

A one-year warranty covering workmanship is our guarantee to you that we will be responsive even after your project is complete.