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Tackling a remodeling project can be complicated and confusing. Click on one of the common questions below or ask your own at the bottom of the page.

Absolutely! We are a licensed by the Georgia State Board as a General Contractor for Residential and Light Commercial. We are also Certified as an RRP Lead Safe Renovator by the EPA.

You can see the owner’s story on the about us page, but he’s been in construction for over 20 years, and has been in business since 1997.

After the initial consult we provide you with a Budget Letter that gives a range of what the total project will cost. The budget range allows for various design level choices to be determined during the design phase. Once the general budget is approved, the Design fees vary based on the scope of your project, but they are typically 3-5% of the project total. In order for an accurate Proposal to be calculated, we must complete a detailed design, with the level of products specified. We then provide a detailed Proposal with itemized pricing. We think you will find our detailed Proposals to be reassuring, giving total control of where and how you want to use your money.

We use a Draw or Payment Schedule that is customizable to the scope and size of the job. We typically have a deposit amount and then divide the remaining payments over the course of the job timeline. Draws payments are typically paid proportional to the work completed, certain materials excluded. And because we want you to be confident that we always finish our projects strong, we leave a sizable amount for the final payment due when all work is complete and you are satisfied.

Yes. The amount is usually determined by what materials need to be purchases and what work needs to be completed at the start of the project.

The short answer is YES; we provide a 1-year workmanship warranty on most work. The long answer is, sometimes it seems that as soon as you hand over that final draw payment, you can never get anyone on the phone again. We feel that once you’re a client, we take care of you. We leave our door wide open if you have any issues with any of our work. If your door settles within the year, if your faucet leaks, we will be there to take care of any workmanship issue.

We feel that communication is the key to any successful project. Always feel welcome to connect with your project contact by phone, text, email or paper airplane. Our goal is to keep you well informed of your project updates.

That’s a natural question since Danny is the first person you will see. But he’s the first of many in the Graystone team that you will be working alongside. While he visits the jobs on a regular basis to ensure things are running smoothly, we have a very capable team that are leading the way to handle the complexities of your project and to support Danny. That being said, you’ll get to know several members of our team including crew, but Danny is always available to you personally.

Well, there’s no guessing here. You will receive a Project Schedule in your start up package that will outline the projected start and end date of your project. These dates are subject to change based on unforeseen conditions or when a client gets inspired mid-project and requests changes. The actual start/end dates all depend on what’s involved in your project, but we don’t drag our feet, we’re there moving forward everyday with rare exceptions. With all that said, we make sure to take the needed time to focus on the details.

No, we use a combination of our in-house craftsmen and associate tradesmen. However, prior to working with any associate tradesmen we make sure that they are not only properly insured and licensed, but that they fit our high expectations. There are times we have chosen not to work with a particular tradesman because we did not feel they would represent the Graystone standard. At the same time our in-house craftsmen have been trained directly under our specific guidelines and standards to follow through on what sets us apart: attention to detail. It’s a blend of both associate tradesmen and our in-house team that allows us to be adaptable to all project scopes.

We get this a lot, “Oh! You install windows? I didn’t know that”, or “We just had our roof replaced, I didn’t know you could've done the work for us”. The way we see it, if there's anything to be done on a house we can take care of it for you! Because every part of a house is connected, when you repair or renovate one thing, it can affect another. It’s extremely valuable to hire a contractor who understands this and sees your home as a whole, not in pieces.

Depending on how large your project is and what we have currently on the schedule, we will plan to start your project as soon as possible. In evaluating our current schedule we determine when begin your project with the object of ensuring that once the job starts we are there on a daily basis until the completion.