How to Make It Through a Remodeling Project Without Going Crazy

Any remodeling project causes interruption in a household’s daily routine, but a project to the main areas of your home–especially kitchens or bathrooms–can feel like chaos. Once cabinets are ripped out, walls removed, and wiring is exposed, suddenly you are wondering why you decided to put yourself through such a thing. There is no question about it, a home remodeling project can be stressful; however, the right guidance and the following advice can make the process easier on you and your whole family:

Design a plan to keep your daily routine in tact.

Even though you are living in a chaotic environment, you still have to cook, wash clothes, and take a shower. You have to design a practical plan to live at home while the work is being done, and you have to do this before the Contractor and crew begin work. You could set up a temporary kitchen in another room while remodeling is taking place there, or ask a friend or neighbor to allow you to shower at their house if water has to be turned off for several days. Knowing what you will do when your home is not livable will give you peace of mind.

Keep an eye on the clutter.

Of course, there will be a mess while the project is underway; however, the loads of trash and dust that come out daily should be taken care of immediately. Before remodeling begins, talk to your Contractor about this, and make sure you have clarity, and that everyone knows, how trash should be handled.

Protect your valuables.

Your Contractor should take care to install preventative measures so dust and debris don’t blow through your home, but even still, fine dust will surely spread all over your house. Ensure all your furniture and electronics are well protected against dust, or remove them if necessary. You can choose a room away from the chaos to store everything for the duration of the project; lock it up and make sure everyone understands that that area is out of bounds. In this way, you will feel comfort in knowing that your things are safe.

Keep an eye on things.

Whether you are living elsewhere or at home during the remodeling project, you will probably talk to your Contractor every day, sometimes even several times a day, to make sure everything is going smoothly. This will help you feel in control of what is happening right now and know what’s coming next.

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