Peachtree Corners Kitchen | Family Friendly

This kitchen was in need of some good ole updating. The space was great to work with because it had good bones–the space already had a nice and open layout, so only a few things needed to be reconfigured.

Defining the Problem & Finding Solutions

First, we had to do something with the pantry closets. They were not coming close to maximizing the storage ability due to their fixed shelves, shallow depth, and unfriendly bi-fold doors. This is where the most change occurred. We removed the walls that surrounded these closets, and we moved the exterior door over about six inches giving us the needed room for the added depth of the new pantry cabinetry and double ovens. This had a huge impact on the function of the kitchen.

The other noticeable change was the shape of the island. The old island had no place for seating and with two growing children, this was a problem. Now with the newly redesigned shape and size, the clients have plenty of space for seating and out-of-sight storage.

The other changes were: new wood floors, new cabinets, new countertops and backsplash, new appliances and paint; all which made for a dramatically improved kitchen. The homeowners now say, “We have more room now than we know what to do with, but that’s a good problem to have”. We agree…

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