Penny, Penny, So Distinct

This is one of the most interesting and exciting projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on, because the client, Penny, has a very distinctive style and is open to fun design ideas. At the same time, she has a very strong sense of what she does and does not like. Under those parameters, the sky was the limit for our imagination!

Defining the Problem

When we first met, it was to discuss exterior maintenance with the gutters, painting, wood rot repairs. We had to assess the core issue of the problems she was having with the exterior. One of the issues we uncovered was serious a structural issue on the master bedroom wall, which was due to improper install and lack of flashing due to the initial install of windows and stucco being improperly installed. We were able to come up with a solid game plan to repair these issues and ensure that these problems would not reoccur, by rebuilding and resizing the chimney, relocating the windows, re-flashing them properly. With exterior needs behind us, we then began to discuss the other interior projects she had in mind, and our creative juices were flowing.

Entry Door

The existing door was a standard, mahogany, raised panel, stained glass door with a single sidelight, which the client felt was “ugly and boring”. As soon as we began talking about what she wanted, we knew it would be the most unique design to date. She wanted to draw inspiration from the chairs made by a favorite artist she had in the foyer; we also had to factor in the barrel ceiling design to make sure the aesthetic blended well.

Once we found out what was important to Penny about the door, we needed to design a concept that would blend with her one of kind chairs in the foyer. We came up with a matchless design in shape and wood species that fit the bill. Because the door was so amazing on it’s own, we couldn’t find hardware that would work within the design. We opted for Danny to design and build custom handles/pulls that were inspired by the shapes of the door and complements it perfectly!

Three Bathroom Renovations

Foyer Half Bath

This remodel was a basic face-lift by upgrading the vanity, sink, mirror, and paint. But with the unique taste of our client, each item was distinctly hers.

“Ugly Bath” Turned “Wow Bath”

This guest bedroom bathroom was firmly stuck in the 50’s with it’s cramped floor plan and turquoise tile on the walls, floor, tub and surround. The challenge was where to draw the line between cool interest and a bygone era, because the client felt the tub and toilet were “funky in a good way”, so we wanted to keep those elements in place while blending them with updated features. Our solution was to rip out the wall tile and repaint in a neutral color; remove and replace the floor tile with stone tile that pulled in the neutrals and the old colors for a nice blend; we removed an oversized plywood vanity and replaced it with a custom designed counter with stainless steel legs with towel bar to open up the floor space, and a clean stainless steel vessel bowl sink. All this combined gave Penny the “wow” she always wanted in the space without having to start completely from scratch.

Master Bath Before

Master Bath

Simply put, the original master bath was two hallways; one side for storage and one side for fixtures. It was very uninviting. There was nothing to salvage here, this room needed a full-on makeover. With some structural re-engineering, we were able to open up the whole space and give her a huge walk-in shower and bathroom area along with wardrobes and his/her closets that provides tons of storage, which the client loves. Once again, Penny wanted something in the space to be one-of-a-kind as a focal point and that turned into a custom design shower light feature. In the mosaic glass tile surround, Danny designed and built an accent light inset in a waterproof picture frame of frosted glass with stainless steel standoffs for accessibility and aesthetics. The result is a soft, warm glow. The client was very pleased with the open, airy feel of the space and especially appreciates the subtleties that we worked in such as backlighting on the vanity mirrors, the custom brick-cut tile work, and the uncommon choice of marble countertop–all these elements embodied her personality.


Once again we couldn’t replace the old dated handrail with something just a little newer. It needed to be a statement–one of modern sophistication–so we combined steel, glass and wood, all of which says, “welcome to the art gallery!” as Penny excitedly describes it.

Master Bedroom Cabinetry

We needed to come up with something that didn’t over power the space do to the sheer size of walls like the old built-ins seem to do. But she needed to maintain the ability to store and display the same amount of things as before. The solution, we designed custom glass and steel shelves with large deep base cabinets that give just what she needed.

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