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Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms to renovate. So to make the process easy on you, we’ll help you narrow down ideas, design a plan that maximizes your way of living, and choose finish selections–cabinets, counters, tile, etc.–so that once the project is complete you’ll be ready to get cookin’!


Peachtree Corners Kitchen | Family Friendly

Peachtree Corners Kitchen | Family Friendly

This kitchen was in need of some good ole updating. The space was great to work with because it had good bones–the space already had a nice and open layout, so only a few things needed to be reconfigured.

Defining the Problem & Finding Solutions
First, we had to do ...


Kitchen Zen | The Merrill Story

How do you take a kitchen the client described as “claustrophobic and dreary”, and transform it into the Zen and open space the client desired? After looking at the space and getting to know the client’s personality, we knew we needed to make changes that would have the most impact, but inside of the client’s tight budget.

Defining the Problem
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