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A One-Stop Shop

When it comes to renovation, we don’t limit ourselves—we have the design savvy to create the look, and the build expertise to make it work. Feel confident that you’ll receive the same level of service and attention no matter the scope of your project—that's our promise.


Complete Home Renovation

From top to bottom, stem to stern, A to Z, soup to nuts, we have the creativity, enthusiasm, work ethic and manpower to get the job done…from start to finish. We love creating spaces you love to live in!


Since the kitchen is the hub of all families and entertaining these days, this is our most popular service we provide. From a simple “face-lift” to a complete gutting and restructuring, a kitchen remodel can bring the most added value to your home when you sell and be something you will enjoy every day in the meantime.


A very common type of home renovation is to update your bathroom. Homes of yesteryear were not built to the modern standards of today with a combination of form and function–old homes take the “fun” out of function. These days dressing rooms and closets, TVs behind vanity mirrors, accent lighting and full body shower jets give you a sense of an everyday retreat within your own home. But, whether you want to update fixtures or complete a full renovation, we treat each project with care and enthusiasm.


A home within a home, finishing a basement offers additional living quarters, a wine cellar, an exercise center, entertainment space, and an in-law suite without the additional cost relating to adding footprint and exterior space. Finishing the space with the Graystone design + build aesthetic only adds to the enjoyment of the space.

Additions + Sunrooms + Porches + Decks

Sometimes you just need more square footage to accommodate a growing family or an office, or maybe you need a place to go that you can relax and enjoy a good book, a backyard view or a hammock. We accommodate any of these needs and with a beautiful, well thought out design to enhance your existing home.

Custom Cabinets + Wood Working

Sometimes cookie-cutter size or shape just won’t do for what you have in mind. Kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment built-in units, fireplace mantels, molding, all have their special needs that we can easily meet and exceed through careful design that uses the space you have to the maximum with minimal cost that still shows beautiful flair and character.


In addition to marring the beauty of your home, you don’t want to neglect taking care of the exterior of your home because small issues can lead to more serious and costly problems such as dry rot, mold, and other issues you cannot even see such as foundation erosion. We provide a number of exterior maintenance services to keep your home performing and looking it’s best.


9 out of 10 roofs do not have adequate ventilation...Which causes elevated heating and cooling expenses. You could potentially have storm damage that could be covered by insurance and not even know it. Warning Signs of a Troubled Roof include: Ceiling spots, damaged flashing, missing shingles, buckling & curling, blistering, algae growth, missing granules, and rotting. Our Roofing Specialists can give you a detailed estimate of what your roof may need.


Clogged gutters are not only unsightly, but also a danger to the integrity of your home. The debris that piles up in your gutters will form clogs and dams that cause water to run over, not through the gutter. When water flows over your gutter it can cause:
• Damage to your fascia and soffit
• Mold development
• Ground erosion
• Cracks in the foundation and basement flooding
We also provide topper systems that provide maintenance free gutter systems and a much longer life for your gutters.


Before you paint your house, consider this: Even though paint typically carries a 10-20 year warranty, weather conditions in the south can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home. Humid summers cause sealants to expand in the joints and then the cold, dry winters cause caulking to shrink and expose joints to water that destroys your home with rot. Due to these factors, we recommend painting the exterior of your home every 4-5 years for the best protection. If you wait 7 years or more, most likely you will end up spending more time and money to repair the damaged surfaces. Between re-painting times, we also recommend our Annual Exterior Inspection Program where we apply touch-up caulking that will help to minimize rotting, swelling, cracking, shrinking of all exterior wood surfaces.


Though a slightly different approach is needed with commercial construction knowledge, our commercial offerings are very similar to residential projects. We are still working with you as a person and while this may not be your house, it’s probably your home away from home and our values and approach still apply in each aspect of our commercial service offerings.
Our past experience with commercial projects includes the build out of unfinished “white box” commercial spaces such as: hair salons and clothing boutiques; our other experience involves space reconfiguring, office remodels and maintenance services. All commercial spaces can be built out using specified products and a design that saves energy and that is environmentally friendly in addition to maintaining good indoor air quality.

White Box Finishing + Space Remodeling

When you lease a commercial space, it rarely comes “picture perfect” for your exact business. Whether it’s a completely new space with concrete floors or an existing space that needs reconfiguring and remodeling, we can help you all the way through the process to opening day. We start with a design consultation so we can collaboratively steer the visual look, impact and flow of your business–including finish options and display fixtures–to fully utilize and enhance the proposed use of the white box space. We then begin the permit process by meeting with county officials and submitting plans and drawings that meet local county codes in order to receive a building permit for interior construction. Once permits are in place, we are ready to begin the construction process to finish out the space according to the proposed plans and construction contract.

Finishing Touches + Fixtures

Your commercial finish is going to need those touches that bring the design all together, and we provide a number of custom options for you such as: Store Fixtures, Cabinets, Paneling, Door Hardware Coordination, Shelving, Ornamental Work, Specialty Finishes, Solid Surface Counters and Display Tables, Architectural Doors, Decorative Stone, Decorative Glass, Decorative Metals, Unique Veneer Items, Architectural Millwork and much more; just ask us. Look at our commercial section on our portfolio page to see examples of the finishing touches we’ve supplied to our clients.

Exterior/Interior Maintenance Service

Commercial spaces can take a beating from customers, employees and delivery people–but that’s good, it means you are in business! After a short time your commercial space may be in need of our maintenance services, all performed by licensed workers: Painting, HVAC (repair, replacement and maintenance), Plumbing, Electrical, Insulation, Flooring, Lighting, Glass (repair/replacement), and pretty much anything else you can think of that needs attention.