Our Services


There are many decisions involved in the remodeling process. Our Design service is a planning tool to walk you through your newly remodeled space on paper. This allows you to make up-front and well informed decisions so that when your project begins, it will move ahead on time and on budget.

Structural Design Services

We love the challenge of meeting a client, understanding their tastes, and taking it a step further. Our collaborative process with clients is "your look with our eye". We are very flexible, but able to provide all or some of the following services as your budget and needs dictate.

Consultation Sessions

A consultation at your home to determine the scope of work, your needs, goals and style. The first hour is complimentary, subsequent hours will be charged at a rate of $95 p/hour.


A quickly executed freehand drawing that is not intended as a finished work. Typically we use this as a quick way to try out different ideas with you, and establish a design before undertaking more finished and time consuming work.

Structural Design Contract

Outlines the design services we will provide specific to your project consultation, and the estimated total cost to research and produce comprehensive design drawings; based on a rate of $85 p/hour.

Architectural Designs

An overall design used to visually communicate the idea or concept that was determined during the consultation process.

Schematic Plan/Technical Drawing

A diagram describing where equipment and/or elements will be placed. These are plans we use to communicate with tradesman on how to build an area or element.

Floor Plans

A view from above showing the arrangement of rooms, walls, windows and door openings of a particular level of a building.


A view of a building seen from one side, usually the front, used to describe the external appearance.

3-D Renderings

Computer generated drawings that show a complete design of a space so that the shape can be clearly understood as it relates to the rest of the structure.

If you currently have drawings or a design, or if you would like to hire your own Architect, Engineer or Interior Designer, we welcome working off your current design or with other design associates to perform your build-out.

Consultation Sessions

A consultation at your home to determine your design needs. An introductory consultation is complimentary, subsequent hours will be included in the Design Contract price.

Interior Decor Contract

Outlines the interior decorating services we will provide, and the estimated total budget to research, create two design portfolio choices (as needed), shop and install the decor; based on a rate of $95 p/hour.

Design Plan

Portfolio showing furniture floor plans, spatial design, material selections and decor choices


Includes: budget, invoicing, orders, contact with vendors and scheduling delivery

Personal Shopping

Based on your selections or taste, we will select and purchase decor within your budget.

Installation and Staging

While these services typically work best in a package, we can provide any or all of them for you as requested. For instance, you just want us to work up a room design with specifications and suggestions, but you purchase the products and perform the installation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Paint color schemes, wallpaper
  • Lighting plans and fixture selection
  • Textile Selection: Rugs, window treatments, pillows, general fabric selection, reupholstery
  • Furniture¬†selection
  • Reallocation, repurposing, reupholstery
  • Accessories + Art: Placement that beautifies and flows